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From 2 to just 1 with the BINACIL Lifting BOX

  • WORLDWIDE INNOVATION: The Tint Fixation by Wimpernwelle

    With a brandnew technique developed by us, a complete work step is no longer necessary when doing the Wimpernwelle Lash Lift POWER PAD treatment. Two treatments are thus combined into one:

    Together with the fixation of the eyelashes during the lifting treatment, the lashes are also tinted - turn 2 into 1!

  • BINACIL Lifting BOX

    The BINACIL Lifting BOX provides the ingredients that will enable you to accomplish this: the new GEL 3 by BINACIL, the mixing block "2in1" with information on the mixing ratio and one BINACIL Eyelash Tint (black or blue-black).

    After the lashes have been smoothed as usual with GEL 1 during the Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting POWER PAD, a special mixture of Wimpernwelle GEL 2, the new BINACIL GEL 3 and eyelash tint is used for the fixation.

    This Tint Fixation allows you to tint and fix the lashes in just one step!

  • Work like a professional: professional video training

    HERE, professionals can register for our online training video for Wimpernwelle lifting + tinting in  one step!