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Frequently asked questions and the answers

What’s the difference between Lash Perm, Lash Lifting and Lamination?

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! Lash Perm is also called Lash Lifting or Lamination. It always means the same treatment, which is only marketed under different names. No matter if you use silicone pads or Lifting rolls (Eyelash rolls), your eyelashes will always be lifted permanently in a very pronounced way. Professional studios know how to lift your lashes right from the roots also with rolls.

Will the eyelashes break during this treatment?

NO. The Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting gels are very mild. Gel 1 opens the structure of the eyelashes, Gel 2 closes it in the new form. When developing the chemical set-up of our Wimpernwelle gels we emphasized the fact that the pH value is adjusted in a certain way so that the structure of the eyelashes cannot be damaged.

Do my eyelashes need any special care after the Lash Lift treatment?

This is not obligatorily necessary as conditioning substances have already been worked into the gels. However, generally we do recommend for the strengthening and conditioning of all eyelashes - even without a prior lash lifting treatment - our Eyelash & Eyebrow BALM. It is high in Castor Oil, a substance known and proven already from ancient times for the conditioning of eyelashes.

Can I also have my eyelashes tinted immediately after Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting?

YES, the eyelashes can be tinted immediately after the Lash Lift treatment. As the eyelashes really are a bit lighter after the Lash Lift treatment, the lifted lashes show even better after the tinting process. If in your studio/salon our mild, but very intensive Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint BINACILTM is being used, the tinting process after the Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting will indeed be very fast: With an application time of only 2 minutes, the eyelashes will have the desired colour intensity.

What’s the difference between Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting and using an eyelash curler?

The eyelash curler mechanically curls the eyelashes. By giving them their new form with the eyelash curler, the eyelashes can easily be squeezed and might even break. During the Lash Lifting treatment, Gel 1 will gently open the eyelash structure and Gel 2 will close it again in the new form. With a single Lash Lift treatment the eyelashes will stay in the new form for 6-8 weeks. The procedure with the eyelash curler has to be repeated daily.

The Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting will also endure each and every activity, whereas you would have to use the eyelash curler again and again. Only as a fast sheet anchor in an unforeseen case of emergency, the eyelash curler might be more convenient.

My Lash Lifting only lasted for one week!?

Just like the hair, there are also eyelashes, that will hardly accept the new curve. It may also be possible that the very delicate Wimpernwelle Lifting gels could not unfold their full effect during the treatment. Please ask the person who did your treatment to contact us so that we can solve the problem together.

My eyelashes are criss-crossed and/or in curls!?

In this case, the fine eyelashes have crossed each other on the rolls (Eyelash rolls) and/or the gel has been applied too high towards the tips of the eyelashes. But don't worry: The problem can be solved easily. Please ask the person who did your treatment to contact us.

The Lash Lifting treatment didn't work for me!?

In very rare cases, it might happen that the eyelash structure cannot be changed by our mildly adjusted gels. However, it often is sufficient to discuss the single treatment steps with the person who did your treatment and thus search for a solution.